Transcend Inner Chaos So You Can Center in Self Love

In this series, you will learn:
  • ​Five simple steps that can radically change your life ​
  • ​How to align with your soul purpose ​
  • ​How to recognize and shift patterns that keep you​ from living your true passion & purpose
  • ​How to trust your intuition  & inner wisdom​
  • ​Why having a your own life & practicing good self care help make you a great mom
  • ​How to be true to your authentic self even when it makes you and others uncomfortable
  • And much more!

Meet Our Speakers!

Aneeahseah Statile

A near death experience at age 17 showed Aneeahseah the secret to inner peace, a life of love and how to manifest the life of your deepest desires. Listen to our interview find out how!

Jamie McConochie

A Hindu Monk for 11 years, Relationship Coach Jamie McConochie teaches you how to create a conscious relationship and attract your spiritual soulmate!

Fawn Gilmore Kraut

Relationship chaos brings chaos to the rest of your life--and vice versa. Relationship Coach Fawn Gilmore Kraut helps you bring peace to your life by bringing peace into your relationships!

Kristine Madera

Learn how to access your inner wisdom to connect to your true purpose, reach your full potential, lower stress, live your truth and so much more!

Michelle Manning-Kogler

Michelle takes us through her Quantum Soul Clearing process to clear chaos and confusion, bring Soul clarity & bring your magnificent unique self in the world!

Lisa Michaels

Lisa Michaels teaches you to create your next step more consciously by aligning with the forces of nature

Dr. Ava Brown

Learn how to leap into a life of significance and how 5 simple steps can radically change your life in 24 hours!

Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett Reveals What the Akashic Records Say About Today's Chaos & How to Rise Above It!

Linda Berger

How to recognize & shift the patterns that are holding you back so you can live the life you desire!

Dianne DelReyes L.Ac.

How to Calm the Inner Chaos with Essential Oils So You Can Optimize Your Well-Being!

Dr. Joshua Helmen

Learn how stress affects the body & brain, and how to lower your stress naturally with Harvard-trained physician Joshua Helmen!

Jane Donovan

Do your feelings get hurt easily? Is anxiety an everyday feeling for you? Jane shares tools to understand, manage & embrace your gifts of sensitivity

Andrea Wright

Learn how to trust your intuition so you can have the answers to all your questions, quell your fears, and live a happier, more fulfilled life!

Heidi Crockett

Learn how neuroscience concepts of honoring differences and cultivating caring connections can decrease stress & transform your life.

Cornelia Ward

Is your mission a business? Cornelia Ward shows you how to make your mission a business or venture of that's your path!

Pamela Zimmer

Why having a your own life & practicing good self care are the keys to being a great mom to your kids!

Crystal - Marie Sealy

Learn about the Disruption of Authenticity and how to be true to yourself even when it makes you and others uncomfortable!

Norma Hollis

Norma give depth, complexity and content to the word authenticity and what it means to find, live and share your authentic voice

Andrea Isaacs

Learn how emotional intelligence helps you be your best self even when challenged so that your dreams can come true with ease!

Miché Meizner

Miché Meizner show you how to bend reality--by bending a spoon! Imagine what life would be like if you could re-shape reality...find out how with Miché!

Stephanie Burg

Learn how to calm the chaos with greater self-love and self-nurturing as well as great food! Stephanie shows you how!

Kristine Madera Coach

About Your Host

Kristine Madera is a #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Self-Love Mentor & Essential Oil Educator who loves ​exploring how your personal story and emotional truth create your world—and how our collective stories and truth shape our global reality. She created this series to help shift our personal and collective stories from one of fighting one another for dominance to finding sustainable, cooperative solutions that support our collective prosperity. ​All these things start with learning how to love and accept yourself first, and then extending that love out into the world.​

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