How to Change a Belief in 3 Simple Steps

What You Believe is What You Get!

As a spiritual entrepreneur or coach, you probably hear a lot about how beliefs affect your business—the clients you get, the money you make, how aligned you feel with what you do. If you read this blog or listen to my free weekly call, then you hear this a lot!

You hear it because it’s true. What you believe determines what you will achieve in this life. The catch is that it is not your conscious beliefs—or what you think you believe—but your subconscious—your hidden beliefs—that determine your life experience.

What you tend to hear less about is how to change a belief. There are some great resources out there to help you do that—Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Theta Healing, Emotion Code, Ho’oponopono and more. But if you don’t know those (or if they don’t work well for you—not every technique suits every person) then here is an easy belief shifting technique I developed before I heard about any of those other processes. It works so well that I still use it.

Discover What You Believe

You know the general flavor of your beliefs because what you believe shows up in your life. But you can take a deeper look to pinpoint the beliefs that underlie those results and shift them to bring you closer to the results that How to Change a Beliefyou want. To do this, look at what is showing up that you don’t want (or what isn’t showing up that you do want) and see if there is a core issue affecting the results.

For many coaches and entrepreneurs, a common core issue is that receiving money in exchange for your gifts is unspiritual. That manifest in life as a struggle for money or in a lot of people coming into your business that want to barter watering your plants or walking your dog in exchange for your amazing services—not a great way to build a thriving business!

Once you have an idea of the core issue, state the belief that you want to have, for example, “Receiving money for my services is spiritual,” and then notice your body’s response. If it feels light, then that indicates that you believe it is true—and that’s great. If it feels heavy, then that indicates that you do not believe it’s true, or that you believe that receiving money for your services is unspiritual. Play with this a bit to get a feel for how this works. If you self muscle test, then you can use your muscle testing process instead and use yes/no to test your belief. But if you don’t self-muscle test, then use the light/heavy method.

If you find that you feel heavy with a positively phrased idea like, “I am worthy of having money,” then the opposite (I am not worthy of having money) reflects what you believe. So for this exercise, change the phrase to the negative version that reflects your actual belief: “I am not worthy of having money.”

You also want to have the belief that you want to install phrased in the positive, in this case “Receiving money for my services is spiritual” and “I am worthy of having money” ready as well.

How to Change a Belief

Once you have a statement of something you believe that you want to shift, you can use this simple three-step process to change the belief. One thing to note, however, is that this will work best of you are open to this process working. If you doubt or believe that it won’t work then that is the exact result you will get.

Listen to the call and go through the process with me or read on below to do it on your own.

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First, close your eyes and imagine a white board with “Receiving money for my services is unspiritualwritten in red ten times, one on top of the other.


Write: “Receiving money for my services is unspiritual” 10 times in RED

Then, imagine yourself one sentence at a time crossing out the word “un,” then erasing the word “un” one row at a time. Feel the power in of that as you do each one. Take your time and really enjoy erasing and crossing out the “un” (there are a few more examples of what you can to add emphasis to this step in the call if you want to listen.)


Cross out the “un” in “unspiritual” slowly, one sentence at a time

Erase the “un” in “unspiritual” slowly, one sentence at a time so that the sentence then reads, “Receiving money for my services is spiritual

Lastly, erase all the sentences and write out the belief that you want ten times in green color, and really feel the power of being able to install this new belief as you write. Again, don’t rush.


Erase all ten sentences and then write “Receiving money for my services is spiritual” ten times in GREEN, and write slowly, feeling the power of what you write as you write it.

You Are Free!

After you do this process, test the new belief using the light/heavy method or self-muscle testing if you know how to do that. If it is not fully cleared yet, try a slightly different version of the sentence and do the process again. You can also find a similar or complimentary belief that may limit the effectiveness of the new belief—limiting beliefs often cluster and weigh each other down.

Some complementarity beliefs to the examples we used are: Earning money is unspiritual or Working for money is unspiritual; Spiritual people give their gifts away for free (and a change of this belief might be, “Spiritual people deserve to be paid for their time, energy and services“); If I make money then people will think I’m greedy (a change of this might be, “When I make money then people will know now generous I truly am”); I don’t have a the right to charge people for what comes naturally to me, and so on.

How did this work for you? Share with me below! And please share the techniques you use to clear limiting beliefs. No promos please.

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