Regeneration Mindset: Empowered Self-Love

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The Regeneration Mindset of Empowered Self-Love

Your “Regeneration Zone” is more than the daily lifestyle habits of empowered self-care, it’s also the inner game of reshaping your thoughts, emotions and mindset away from energy-sucking states like inner conflict and anxiety and toward efficient & self-regenerating states like self-acceptance and self-love.

What's So Great About Self-Love?

In order to survive, we need enough love and acceptance from others to provide for our basic physical needs. But in order to thrive—to own our value in the world and have the confidence to pursue success and fulfill our unique dreams—we also need an emotional foundation of love and acceptance.

Without this foundation, most people are forever trying to fit into someone else’s idea of who they should be, what they should do, how they should act, what they can achieve so that they feel love and accepted by others.

Frankly, our whole economy is built on this longing for love and acceptance. Nearly every commercial you see uses some version of the need for these to sell you everything from cars, to hand lotion to retirement funds.

The inner longing for love and acceptance is at the heart of the ongoing conflict between living your true desires and the need to be accepted and loved by others. This conflict is a massive energy sucker that keeps you out of the regeneration zone, no matter how good your diet or how balanced your exercise plan.

Sure, you may earn the externals of success and the accolades of others when you live for the approval of others that way, but it’s emotionally soul-sucking, which is the opposite of thriving.

The Empowered Self-Love Program

The Empowered Self-Love Program is the companion to the Empowered Self-Care Program, and you have complementary access to it for as long as you participate in the Empowered Self-Care Program. You can also subscribe to the program for a monthly fee.

Your first month in the Empowered Self-Love Program you’ll discover:

  • The amazing being you are that you haven’t yet allowed yourself to see
  • The possibilities available to you when you live your dreams rather than someone else’s
  • A simple tool to help you expand the experience of self-love & self-acceptance
  • heart
    An easy daily practice that transforms your inner dialogue to self-love
  • heart
    Which essential oils to use to deepen self-love & acceptance

In the ongoing program you learn things like...

~ How to respond instead of react so you preserve your emotional energy and physical vitality 

~ How to dissolve the painful emotional layers with family & relationships so that you can be yourself in any situation 

~ How to tap into and live from intuition and inner wisdom so that you always know what to do in any situation.   

As you develop the confidence that true self-love and self-acceptance brings you, virtually anything you can dream of becomes possible for you.

Here’s how the program works:

  • By the 20th of the month, you receive a focus module, downloadable meditation, self-love tool/practice and a suggested essential oil deepening practice to start working with.
  • On the program page, you’ll be able to ask questions, get clarification & interact with others (this is NOT Facebook or social media dependent )
  • In the first half of the next month, we’ll have a live call where we’ll go deeper with the module, talk about how to apply it to your life, how it is working for you & any challenges you have and other Q&A.

This program is intentionally simple because integrating each tool/practice into your life is what create long-term regeneration and foundational change, and integration takes focus and time.

If you would like to access this program and are not yet in the Empowered Self-Care Program, let's talk abut how these two companion programs help you get to and stay in the Regeneration Zone so that you can maintain or reclaim health & vitality, cultivate self-sustaining success & defy the illusion of "aging" we've been brainwashed to believe!

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