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Wild Orange: Health, Wealth & Play

Journey with Wild Orange for More Health, Abundance & FunWhat would your life—and your holidays—be like with greater health, wealth and play?Too often, the mouse wheel of everyday demands take up the time and energy we’d rather spend being with the people, and doing the things, that that make life meaningful and fun. This same […]

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Trees that Love

​Douglas Fir & the Social Lives of Plants  ​Mother Trees Nurture Their Young We’ve been trained in Western Society to look only at the surface of things—like that plants are botanical organisms that may respond to their environment but that lack consciousness. This documentary (I LOVE documentaries!) pulls you from this surface observation into the dances, conversations, […]

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Shift Emotional Patterns Fast

Shifting Emotional Patterns Learning to shift emotional patterns fast can make the difference between jumping into a new opportunity with excitement and a sense of adventure and short-changing your potential out fear. Emotions are the barometer of life. When emotions are challenging, life is challenging. When you feel more at ease, life is more fun. […]

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Bergamot for Authentic Self-Acceptance

Bergamot for Self-Acceptance ​Authenticity ​​​​​​​​​​Requires Emotional ​Maturity  Living and speaking your authentic truth brings up a lot of emotions reaction, and managing those reactions without getting carried away by them or cutting them down is critical to authenticity. Being able to experience an emotional reaction while staying connected with, and expressing yourself from, your authentic […]

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Why “Change” is Great for Authenticity!

Why is Change is Great for Authenticity? Well, there’s no escaping that change is the word of the moment! Funny thing is, life’s always been about change—though in recent decades life has also been fairly predictable. It’s an illusion for sure, but a pervasive one. This illusion of a predictable future totally squashes authenticity. Why? […]

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