Lightworkers in the Era of Trump: Sacred Activism to Transcend the Chaos So You Can Transform Yourself & the World

Book Cover: Lightworkers in the Era of Trump: Sacred Activism to Transcend the Chaos So You Can Transform Yourself & the World

Whether you consider President Trump a blessing or a curse, the election of Donald Trump intensified social and political discord to a new level of chaos. Despite the fear and anger it sparks, chaos is a gift. Chaos is a creative template for self-organizing the next status quo. The outcome depends on which feedback loop is stronger, division and discord, or the feedback loop of harmony, openness and the creative thinking that inspires sustainable solutions.

Lightworkers—those who see themselves as beacons of openness and sustainability in the world—are key for strengthening the feedback loop of harmony. But only if they shift out of fear and discord and re-focus on being the radiant energy they want to see in the world, and take effective action to create change from there. They also need to do this with enough momentum to tip the chaos toward harmony and collaborative solutions.

This book presents a new sacred activism that starts with learning how to use the feedback loops of Discord and Harmony in the body, and then expand it powerfully into the world as a force of personal, societal and global transformation.

The challenge is that bodies and systems under stress are wired to respond in Discord; the more stress, the greater the discord.

Harmony requires a conscious, consistent choice to transcend Discord. When you learn to maintain the feedback loop of harmony you shift from instinct to intuition, from patterned thinking to possibility thinking, and from reaction and division to community, creativity and the moral courage needed to self-organize the collaborative, sustainable solutions we need for long-term survival.

The choice is yours.

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About the Author

Kristine Madera is a Self-Love Mentor, Transformational Essential Oil Practitoner, Bestselling Author & Speaker who helps people cultivate self love and live from their true essence. This empowered state supports optimal health & well-being, and helps you live your full possibility because you serve others & the world from your own full cup.