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I blog in various places and when I can get the links I post them here. Same for articles. It’s an eclectic mix of fun, informative, inspiration and whatever strikes me in at the time of writing, and a collection from over the years. Be happy & breathe.

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How to Make Social Change Part of Your Daily Life
In the last few years — maybe the last few decades — watching the news has felt overwhelming. I’ve taken breaks here and there but have mixed feelings about letting go of news altogether. While I am happier generally when I ignore the 24/7 commentary on the news, to not know what is going on feels like I am cut off. So I tried an experiment… Read Full Post

Hurricane Harvey: An Answer to Prayer?
Let me be clear. I don’t think any American was kneeling in prayer asking for a monster tragedy to strike the Texas coast. But my experience with prayer is that answers rarely come wrapped in the package you expect. Most answers show up as opportunities to make a new choice or to change an attitude or pattern that better align you with the outcome you want… Read full post

How to Lose Your Zen at the Beach
The beach is my Zen place. The rhythmic sound, the open expanse, the sand between my toes… My Zen place. I take an annual vacation with two people who are fairly politically quiet one-on-one but when they are together, work each other up until they are cocked and loaded to fight the culture war. They usually do this in whispers that I am sure to hear, and then escalate over the days until they are calling out weblinks to one another to check out the latest outrage… Read full post

Kristine MaderaWhat’s with the Buzz Cut?
I get the giggles each time someone gives me “the look,” which I define as the brief, deer-in-the-headlights stare when they meet me, look at my hair and pause for a moment before they stammer out something, sometimes something really amusing. I forget that my hair can cause such reaction. Everyone seems to have an opinion (or judgment) and quite a number of them feel free to speak up. There’s the checker at the grocery store who (caringly) asks how my cancer treatment is going even though I tell him each time that my hairstyle is a choice and not a result of chemo. Read full post

Why “Change” is Great for Authenticity!
There’s no escaping that change is the word of the moment! Funny thing is, life’s always been about change—though in recent decades life has also been fairly predictable. It’s an illusion for sure, but a pervasive one. This illusion of a predictable future totally squashes authenticity. Why? Because when you have a future that you can predict if you act a certain way or do certain things, you moderate and limit your present to serve a probable future. Read full post



The New “F” Word: Feminista
Remember the first time you said that deliciously illicit ‘F’ word? Yes, that one. You know you’ve said it, even if only to yourself. You probably learned in school from the boys whose older brothers inserted it like some wondrous new punctuation between every other word. Like sarcasm, the ‘F’ word inhabits one of the lower realms of wit and communication, but that doesn’t diminish the thrill of the first time it slipped past your lips. Even if you didn’t know what it meant, the taboo of saying it zinged through your being as a self-initiation into the power of shock value… Read full article

Spiritual JourneyLeap of Faith
Bungee jumping has been on my bucket list since I saw a magnificent bungee leap of faith by a woman who looked on the edge of bliss. She spread her arms, closed her eyes and did a swan dive off a platform that seemed a zillion feet off the ground. That was at least two decades ago and yet bungee jumping remains on the bucket list, undone, a theoretical adventure for some much later date… Read full article


I had the most luscious gift as I stretched my eyes open on the morning of my 40th birthday. No, it wasn’t a gourmet breakfast in bed, or a diamond bracelet on the nightstand, it was a voice—not my voice, nor my words—that announced in the center of my head, “The bullshit is over.” Yee-hah, I thought, not really understanding what the proclamation meant, except that it was accompanied by an extraordinary sense of peace and freedom. It felt like a mighty fine way to start a new decade. I didn’t give it too much consideration until the phone rang later that day… Read full article

Free Guided MeditationField of Streams
A friend of mine once told me that if a woman could reach back in time to before she realized that she were a girl, before she was domesticated and socialized, when her imagination knew no bounds, that she could tap into her untamed dreams, her innate wisdom, and know what she was born to do. If the supposedly wise young me had gotten what she wanted, I’d now be sitting atop a camel wearing a spangly headpiece along with “I Dream of Jeannie” blousy pants and mini-vest, wielding a saber as the first woman leader of a Bedouin trading caravan… Read full article

The Gift of Receiving
As a field-test in human nature, I asked a two-year-old  which was better, giving or receiving? Any guess as to the answer? With the promise of Santa just around the corner, receiving won hands down. Ask any two-year-old,  and they’ll tell you that receiving is a whole lot more fun than giving. But somewhere between this tender age and the time my clients get to my office, things have dramatically switched. I’ve yet to have a person for whom receiving was enjoyable, much less easy, although  everyone claims that giving is divine… Read full article

I have a friend I turn to when I need insight into the burning questions of my life. She’s great at all things intuitive, though not in a Tarot-card reading sort of way. She’s just seems to be able to paddle her inner surfboard into whatever muddled confusion I happen to be in, rise to the pinnacle of the wave to view it from the grandeur of the sky, then dazzle me with her twisty-turny surf-nastics as she rides that wave in to wisdom’s shore. You know, that place where, when you get there, you think, “well, duh, this is what I really thought was true, deep, deep down, all along.”… Read full article

A Questionable Business
Have you ever noticed how asking a question moves you forward, toward more questions, more depth, a wider range of possibilities? Having an answer, on the other hand, narrows your options because of the way your mind works. Once you have an answer your mind pays attention to those things that reinforce the answer, and keeps from consciousness other options that might be great for you, but don’t fit into the spectrum of the answer… Read full article


Follow Your BlissTrapped in Time
Have you ever listened—really listened—to the stories your mother tells about you? They can seem to trap you in time, as, say, the toddler who slipped away in a store and walked up to a woman in sandals, pointed to her toes and said “wee-wee.” An event that made perfect sense as a toddler schooled in the Three Little Pigs toe game, but from the way my mother told it, a moment of sheer mortification frozen in memory. A mother’s stories lock you in time because those early tales help create your early identity. And the stories you learn to tell from that identity can imprison you forever—or set you free. It is, after all, our stories that ultimately define us, and confine us… Read full article

Circling Home To Heart
Alex Haley, author of Roots, said, “In every conceivable manner, family is the link to our past, the bridge to our future.” But what happens to these connections when family links are broken?  Asheville entrepreneur Lin Sharp knows first hand. Separated from her brother and two sisters as children, a reunion only last year brought together all the sisters. A few months ago, she reunited with her younger brother after not seeing him for 50 years… Read full article

Spicing up the Tropics
In the jungle of Papua, New Guinea, there are few options but to eat the local fare. My husband and I were posted in the craggy rural mountains of this beautiful but primitive island country when serving with the Peace Corps over a decade ago. Just north of Australia, New Guinea is best known in the US as a battlefield between the allies and the Japanese during World War II, and for the fading practice of cannibalism. Among historians, New Guinea is also recognized as one of the earliest centers of agriculture, with evidence of irrigation going back 10,000 years… Read full article

Tap into the Power of Metaphor
A picture is worth a thousand words. Images evoke deep inner response, perhaps a stirring from the innate beauty or shock from the content. A thousand or more words might well describe the image, comment on its artistic value or explain the meaning of it to another, but talking about an image doesn’t bring about the same inner movement as taking in the image first hand. That’s because words and images are processed in different parts of the mind. Pictures speak to the subconscious mind, a part of the mind that operates largely outside of conscious awareness. Language is the primary means of communication of the conscious mind, the part that is rational and logical, that plans and sets goals and sets out with the pure grit of willpower… Read full article